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About Dumbemployed

What Is Dumbemployed?

We all have jobs (well, some of us do). And unfortunately, some of those jobs are pretty dumb. If you have to put up with idiotic bosses, clueless customers, morons for coworkers, and just plain annoying, weird, and freaky work, welcome to the club. You're dumbemployed.

Dumbemployed is the place where you can share your story. You can read and submit short stories about your hilarious (and painful) dumbemployment. Stories start with "At work today," and conclude with, "I'm dumbemployed." Because let's face it- you are.

How Does It Work?

It's pretty easy. Users- like you- submit their stories. We moderate them and then put them on the site so everyone can take comfort that your job is almost as stupid as their own.

What's a Dumbemployed Account?

Want to track your Dumbemployed stories, pass messages, bookmark your favorite stories, and skip those stupid Captchas? Then get a Dumbemployed account. Don't worry, a Dumbemployed account is not like a job- we'll never take it away.

Are My Dumbemployed Stories Private?

Yes. After all, if we got you fired, you wouldn't be able to submit more stories! Seriously, we won't share your personal details. As per our terms, we do reserve the rights to use your stories, however, for publication on the site, reprints on commemorative calendars, massive book deals, and negotiations with Kim Jong Il.

How Can I Be More Involved With Dumbemployed?

What a good worker bee you are! It's easy- track us on twitter, subscribe to the RSS, and fan us on Facebook. And please, share us with your friends. If you have any questions, you can also contact us. We want to keep our dumbemployees happy.

What's The Inspiration Behind Dumbemployed?

We're inspired by a lot of things here at bosses with bad breath, The Office UK, chairs with squeaky legs, coffee stains on your teeth, The Office American version, hot coworkers, angry janitors,, stealing office supplies and, of course, The Office Germany, which we've never seen, but are pretty sure is amazing. And German. And stuff.

How Can I Contact Dumbemployed?

Inspired, upset, enraged, or in love? Drop us a line. We're happy to talk to captains of industry, advertising mavens, muckraking journalists, and even little old you. Contact us here.

Anything Else New?

At work today, I spent half the day writing an About page for a site that should explain itself. And I'll probably have to revise it. I'm dumbemployed.