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Top Dumbemployed

At work today, I spent the entire time trying to fix my enter key. Hour 1: realize that something is stuck under enter key. Hour 2: detach. Hours 3-8: totally fail to reattach. I'm dumbemployed.

by kaffenotater on 03/29/17 at 8:33am - Yep, you're Dumbemployed (4) Permalink
Filed Under: Just Dumb ( keyboard keys broken )

At work today, I was trying to connect to our wireless network (sometimes we use laptops at work). My boss showed up as I was frantically double clicking. "Why don't you just use dial up?" he asked me. I thought he was joking. Then he showed me the phone. I'm dumbemployed.

by anonymous on 03/29/17 at 12:52pm - Yep, you're Dumbemployed (4) Permalink
Filed Under: Bosses ( wireless laptop dial up )